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The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Staff Association (KSFE SA) represents 66% of workmen category and 48% of the total employees of KSFE, the company in which its activities are centered. KSFE, at present a company having a 5 star status, was formed in 1969 with the social objective of protecting the small savings of the common man who were previously exploited by unscrupulous money lenders and fly by night financial operators. The idea for the formation of a company was under the stewardship of the Government with the above mission was conceived by the LDF government headed by Com.E.M.S Namboothiripad. Consequent to the formation of the company. KSFE SA came in to existence in 1971 representing all the employees. In the 3rd Conference of the Association held at Ernakulam in 1973 a change of leadership took place resulting in the selection of Com.C.B.C Warrier, the veteran Trade Union and CPI M leader as the President of the
Association. This change marked the beginning of the association of KSFE SA with the left movement.
The affiliation of the KSFE SA with the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) raised the activities of KSFE SA to a higher level by extending its support to the proclaimed objective of CITU such a championing the cause of the working class and defending the economic sovereignty of our country by acting as a barrier to imperialist globalisation and unchecked privatization.
The boycott of the 4% customary bonus unilaterally declared by the Management and Government in the dark days of emergency in 1976, the pioneering role played by KSFE SA in the General Strike of employees in 1975 (16 days) 1981 (26 days) 1985 (75 days) are shining examples of the commitment of KSFE SA to its adopted mission.